About me

I’m a design expert & brand strategist who helps brands & individuals increase their value, differentiate themself and build impactful business through individual visuality.

When we are working together I help you develop your brand and the visuals that will make you stand out from the crowd. As your external brand representative, I use my skills to create unique brand materials and help you stay consistent across all of your marketing platforms, both online & offline.

I’m looking forward to design your brand materials with engaging visuals that will compliment your service.

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People say about me

Richie is AMAZING and VERY talented. He helped me with my book cover and crushed it! He requires very little guidance as he quickly caught the vision and yet was also patient with fine tuning to get it perfect. Highly recommended!

Eric V. Couch

Coach & best-selling author, member of Forbes Finance Council, award winning speaker., www.ericchouch.tv

Dear Richie, you are such a gem!… even through the e-world… You win the “greatest vendor” award!!! I have a feeling I will be in contact in the future. All my best to you,


Aspen Valley Ski Snowboard Club, www.teamavsc.org

“…I was looking for someone who could understand and relate to my project. I needed someone who was easy to communicate with, and who could meet my needs… Richard has helped me so much, and has made the job so much easier for me. He is able to answer any question or concern that I may have, and maintains wonderful communication throughout the entire process.He’s capable of doing more than what’s expected. He goes beyond and suggests improvements. Highly recommend him.”

Gyorgy Molnar

Regional Deskside Support Team Leader, ARM

Richie is simply the best. Think of anything, the quality of the job, the communication, the awesome extras and surprises, whatever you can think of it’s going to be 5 stars and even more.

Thanks again for everything!
You rule!

Alexander Raven

Artist, www.ravenxarmy.com